About RFMS

RFMS offers a full array of middle school courses that prepare our students to be high school ready when they are promoted to 9th grade each Spring. 

Physical Education, Health and Wellness

Students receive daily 50 minute PE classes here at RFMS where a variety of physical fitness activities and excercises are on display.  Health related topics are covered in the areas of grade 6 science as well as our Second Step Program in grades 6-8.


Career Development Courses and Programs

RFMS students receive classes and coursework that will prepare them for high school as they look to pursue a career or further their education.


After School Clubs/Activities

RFMS offers clubs and activities for students such as Kidness Club, Paper Art Club, Art, Drama, Band, and Student Council.



We offer a variety of extracurricular programs that allow our students the opportunity to be successful beyond the classroom.  Students who demonstrate the necessary skills within the classroom are afforded the opportunity to positively represent RFMS.  We stress sportsmanship and teamwork as necessary skills to succeed in school and life.