Enhanced School Safety


Our #1 goal is to make Dillon a safe environment for our students and staff.

To help make this possible, Dillon requires all visitors to enter the building through the main office. There you will need to present your current state ID that will be entered into the Raptor system, a visitor management system, which will provide a badge for you to wear allowing you to enter the building. Unfortunately, parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the building before school with their child unless going through the main office check-in procedure.

Some other procedures that are in place helping make Dillon and District 13 a safe place for everyone: Staff and students follow the ALiCE training when handling a threat of an aggressive intruder. Main doors have Keyless Access Control. Kids Club has an exterior door allowing ALL doors to remain locked at all times. All adults, staff, and visitors, will wear an ID while in the building. Dillon has 26 surveillance cameras that record and can be accessed by RFPD in emergency situations. District 13 has a Rock Falls Police Dept. School Resource Officer (SRO).

Thank you and please feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you may have to help improve the safety of our schools.

Roy Calkins