RFMS Homework Policy

To All Parents/Guardians of RFMS Students:

Rock Falls Middle School has a homework policy called H.E.A.T. and it stands for Helping Eliminate Academic Tardiness. This program is in place to assist our students in completing their homework in a timely manner.

Each classroom teacher will be using red stamps in the students’ assignment notebooks to indicate late homework. Homework is considered late if is not turned in when the teacher collects it during his/her class; homework is late if it is left in a locker or turned in anytime after that particular class period. Students are not allowed to call home during the day for homework or supplies they forgot at home. They are only allowed to call home during homeroom (2:30-2:55), for items or materials needed for after school events/activities.

Students will have until 2:50 pm to get late homework completed or they will be required to stay after school that same day. Students will be required to stay until the homework is completed or 3:30pm, whichever comes first. Students will be allowed to call home between 2:30 and 2:50 to notify parents if they have to stay. If transportation is going to be an issue, we do offer a late bus @ 3:50 that has 6 stops throughout the district.

If an assignment is not complete at the time it is due, it is late and can be turned in for 70%-100% credit depending on the teacher/class. A late assignment becomes a ZERO until turned in and it is the responsibility of the student to submit this in order to avoid the zero.

We hope this program will help our students develop good study habits they will continue to use in high school and beyond. The focus of the program is to make students accountable for their work by making certain it is completed with effort and submitted on time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me here at school This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 815-626-2626.


Mr. Ackman


A+   99-100%
B+   88-89%
C+   78-79%
D+   69-69%

A   92-98%
B   82-87%
C   72-77%
D   62-67%

A-   90-91%
B-   80-81%
C-   70-71%
D-   60-61%


F 59% or lower