About Merrill School

Merrill Elementary School is an attendance center for third, fourth, and fifth grade students within Rock Falls Elementary District #13. Merrill Elementary School staff are devoted to providing the best educational opportunities for all students in all facets of their education. All Merrill teachers are highly trained and participate in continued professional development to best meet the academic and social/emotional needs of each student. Teachers meet frequently to collaborate at various grade, building and team levels to provide the best educational experiences. Students benefit from this training and preparation by receiving intense instruction in all subject areas meeting the needs of students at all ability levels.


merrill missiles

Missile Target Pledge

I pledge my best in all I do.  I'll respect myself and others too.  I pledge to be safe each day at school.  I will be responsible and obey the rules.  I choose to follow the Missile Way for we are proud, we are Merrill, we are on target everyday.