Message from Principal Palmer

palmer fullIt is my privilege to welcome you to a special place, Riverdale Preschool Center. Located in it’s own building on Prophet Road, we are proud to offer a high quality early learning experience to children of the Rock Falls area. As a Preschool for All program through the state of Illinois, we provide six unique classrooms with morning and afternoon times to meet the diverse needs of our families. We maintain a Gold Excelerate Status which was earned by utilizing high quality practices and creating safe learning environments.

The teachers and staff at Riverdale are highly dedicated to providing a place where each student is known and cared for. Developing a relationship with each student helps us plan learning experiences with his or her interests and stage of development in mind. Through play, students will develop cognitive, motor, and social skills—and simply have fun learning.

We value you as a very important piece of your child’s education. We know that you are your child’s first teacher and extremely influential in establishing good habits necessary for continued school success. Together, we will build positive social skills, healthy bodies, and healthy minds.

We are proud to facilitate a high quality, child-centered preschool experience for 3,4, and 5 year old children in our area. We look forward to helping your children begin a successful journey in learning.

Please stop by and see our kids in action. Give us a call when your child is ready for an entrance screening. We can’t wait to have you with us for a family night, parent/child workshop, focused activity group, or as a volunteer.


All the Best,
Chelese K. Palmer
Riverdale Preschool Center

Chelese Palmer

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Our Vision

Empowering ALL to Embrace Success

Our Mission
Rock Falls Elementary District #13 staff, students, families, and community members, utilizing mutual respect, will partner to attain a safe environment while empowering all to pursue success as lifelong learners.  Through diversified experiences, our students will discover their potential, and achieve readiness for their future, while succeeding emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially in an evolving world.

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School Year: 7:30AM - 3:30PM

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